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But why does your app need good architecture?

A simple answer is that everything should be organized in a proper way. So does your Android project.

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The idea

Back several weeks ago, while working in the office, I suddenly felt bored with my Mac. There are so many great apps and tools that I use every day, but it seemed that something lively and chill is missing.

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1. You gain the overall control

You started the project based on your own idea, sketch your own plan…

What kind of side projects that I mentioned?

If you are a developer, you might have a lot of side…

How the story began …

As a software engineer, I spent a lot of my time with GitHub, and I love the tiny green dots in its contribution calendar. And I felt that feature gives motivation for its user…

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Quang Nguyen

Software engineer and designer, specializing in native mobile apps, currently building digital scent technology at

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